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The Kansas City Star is featuring a series of articles focusing on key people in supporting & inspiring art and artists in Kansas City. Not only is it about how these people are responsible….but….how THEY in particular are inspired and how they maintain their almost incessant thirst for art.

The First Article (Published July 17, 2014 by Alice Thorson-KC Star): Porter Arneill: Public art administrator, chicken coop builder. You may read the entire article by clicking HERE. A story of how a man wrapped in a daily struggle to make art happen in KC as well as helping others do the same finds peace & solace in the simple chore of raising chickens behind his Waldo area home.

The Second Article (Published July 27, 2014 by Alice Thorsan-KC Star):O’Brien hammers out a new vision.. the complete article may be read by clicking HERE
John O’Brien (once owner of Dolphin Gallery-West Bottems) has now channeled his interests to a new location & venue based in Independence, MO (Hammer Out Design). Roughly a co-op arts incubator, personal work space for a variety of projects ranging from pseudo gallery-wood working space to sublet ceramics art space, etc. No longer soley focusing on promoting artists thru gallery space John is feeding his own sole and in kind helping a growing collection of like minded people and artists.

ArtsKC Week – May 31-June 6th

The first-ever ArtsKC Week is fast approaching (May 31 - June 6)!

tasked with raising awareness and financial support of theArtsKC Fund, ArtsKC Week plans to highlight a wide range of arts opportunities and activities available in our region. The week will include Open Houses throughout the five counties, #timetogive** (a digital one-day fundraiser), and a Celebration in the Crossroads First Friday.


**#timetogive will take place on June 4 from 6AM – 8:40PM (sundown).

This is ArtsKC’s second annual digital day of giving, with a fundraising goal of $20,400! Throughout the day, ArtsKC will be asking individuals to give $10 to support the ArtsKC Fund via social media and online giving platforms.


More information is availbale at:  ArtsKC Week – May 31-June 6th  (click for link)

We remember China………….

originally posted on our Facebook page by Marty Steiner (4/21/14)


Marty Steiner:

 I was seven years old and in 2nd Grade at Franklin. My family had only recently moved to Liberty, and I was still getting my bearings. One rainy morning I was walking to school and suddenly realized that the library book I had taken home was no longer under my arm. I was frantic, certain that I would be locked up, beaten, or who knows what! I was crying and running back and forth, searching desperately for the missing book. China saw my plight and called for me to come to him. Somehow, he got me calmed down, assured me that everything would be alright, and gently gave me a pat on the back and small push toward the school. I think he even went looking for the book himself, because it turned up later that day. Marty Steiner ( son of Allen & Joyce Green)

Liberty Arts Squared – 2014 CALL FOR ARTISTS!!!!!

(repost from LAS officers)


The 5th Annual Liberty Arts Squared Festival is still accepting applications from visual and literary artists to participate in the two-day arts festival, June 6 & 7, 2014.
The festival will begin with an evening of fine visual arts and crafts booths and headlining musical entertainment in historic downtown Liberty on Friday evening, June 6. Saturday, June 7, will feature a full range of exhibits and activities with live music, interactive and children’s activities, visual arts and fine crafts, a chalk art contest, authors, and performances by singer/songwriters.

Entries are juried and merit cash awards are given in the visual, folk arts and crafts, and literary arts categories, with a Best Overall Festival Exhibit, Best Individual Fine Visual Exhibit, Best Individual Fine Crafts Exhibit, among others. Judging will take place on Friday evening, June 6. More than $3,000 in prizes will be awarded.

Information about the festival and application information for literary artists can be found at Fine artists must apply through

Applications must be received on ZAPPlication by noon, April 30.Artists will be notified of the jury’s decision no later than May 10, 2014.

For more information about the festival or application process, please e-mail or visit

2014 Liberty Arts Squared – Call For Artists

Liberty Two-Day Juried Arts Festival “Liberty Arts Squared”
Friday, June 6, 2014, 4pm – 9pm Saturday, June 7, 9am – 6pm

The Liberty Arts Squared Committee (made up of the Liberty Arts Commission and Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc.) announces a call to fine artists and artisans for Liberty’s fifth arts festival with the theme of “Liberty Arts Squared.” The 2-day festival will begin with an evening of fine visual arts and crafts booths and headlining musical entertainment on Friday, June 6 from 4 – 9 pm. The following day will feature a full range of exhibits and activities with musical and performance arts, interactive and children’s arts, and visual arts and fine crafts from 9am – 6pm.

NEW THIS YEAR –  Large tent for literary artists, singer/songwiters, and spoken word poets!


The festival theme, “Liberty Arts Squared,” is based on four categories of art as well as the physical landscape that identifies Downtown Liberty (Liberty Square) to so many people. The four categories of art are 1) fine visual arts (painting, sculpture, fine crafts); 2) performing arts (vocal and instrumental music, storytelling, dance); 3) interactive and children’s arts (children’s arts activities, and demonstrations or interactive workshops of any artistic medium); and (4) literary arts (creative writing, authors, poets, singer/songwriters). Liberty Arts Squared also celebrates the culinary arts (celebrating all the diverse local restaurants in the downtown Liberty area).

The festival is located in Liberty, Missouri’s historic downtown square. Just 15 miles north of downtown Kansas City, MO, Liberty’s Square provides a vibrant and delightful setting for both the artists and the public. All facilities are handicapped accessible. Parking and admission are free.

The festival entries are juried, with a Best Overall Festival Exhibit, Best Individual Fine Visual Exhibit, Best Individual Fine Crafts Exhibit and a number of other merit cash awards in the visual and fine crafts. $3000 IN AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN. Final jurying will take place the first evening of the event by a trio of arts professionals. The judges’ names will be announced on the website in the spring. Judging will take place on Friday night, June 6th beginning at 4:00pm.


The Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Exhibitions are open to all persons who wish to submit an entry and who follow the prospectus guidelines. Work must be original; no reproductions are allowed. We will not accept green ware or items made from kits. No buy and sell. It is essential that the participating artist be the one who created the work for sale. Because this is a fine arts festival our jury uses the following guide in the selection,

“Fine art or the fine arts encompass art forms developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application. The word “fine” does not so much denote the quality of the artwork in question, but the purity of the discipline. This definition includes some but not all fine crafts such as certain potter, sculpture and jewelry making, but other than that does not usually include practical applications or applied art such as most signage, art from patterns, and most crafts.”

We emphasize demonstrations as desirable part of the show and part of our “interactive” focus. In this way, the public has a chance to see art in process and more fully appreciate it. Artists who propose accepted demonstrations will be assigned space that is optimal for their demonstration; artists agreeing to demonstrate MUST demonstrate throughout the festival – either at designated times or several times throughout the festival. Space is reserved for this and should be used accordingly.


All applications except literary applications are to be made through ZAPPlication™, an online application tool, where artist applicants submit five digital images of their work and one image of their booth display. Your membership in ZAPPlication is free. Please register and submit your application at .

LITERARY APPLICATIONS ARE MADE BY EMAIL TO: You may also address any questions in this email, and the staff coordinator will have Carol Kariotis or Chery Holtman, arts chairs, call or email you within three days of your email. If you have questions about the ZAPPlication process or any other special application needs, you may email them to You should hear back within about 3 days. At this time there is no phone number to call. The Liberty Arts Squared Steering Committee reserves the right to request removal of any work not accurately represented for jury.


Jurying is on-going/rolling beginning on January 1 to conveniently provide applicants with the earliest information about their acceptance to the festival. The deadline for applications is April 20. The applicants’ work will be reviewed by a committee of art professionals selected by the Fine Visual Arts and Crafts Coordinating Committee. The work will be juried based on originality; design, technique and craftsmanship; materials usage and artistic qualities. The jurying is conducted through a jury process, where jurors review the artists’ images and technical statements submitted on ZAPPlication. The top scores, allowing for a balanced show across mediums, are invited to participate in the Festival.

During the festival, a trio of professional artists/ judges will visit each display on Friday evening. Award winners will be announced Friday evening so that awards can be displayed in the booths throughout the Saturday portion of the festival. The cash awards are presented by check to the award winners on the second day of the arts festival.


• Artists must display for the entire festival times on both days of the Festival. Artists may not breakdown prior to the end time on both days. Other procedures will be sent to prior to the festival, as well as handed out at the festival.
• Electrical outlets are unavailable. Artists may supply their own lighting as long as it is quiet and does not interfere with the other nearby festival artists and their displays/customer interactions.
• Prices must be clearly marked on all items.
• Exhibitor is solely responsible to collect and report any applicable state and local tax. Tax sheets/information will be included in packets given at artist check in.
• An application that is accepted is a commitment to participate. No refunds of the exhibition space fee will be given once you have been accepted and have sent in a $100.00 exhibition fee.


Artists will have a 10’ x 10’ ground space on the street around the Liberty Courthouse. The artists must provide their own display systems and WHITE canopies. Display units should be designed to withstand the outdoor elements, especially wind. It is strongly recommended that artists bring weights or sandbags to secure their canopies. A limited number of sandbags will be provided on a first come/first served basis.

Space between booths is comfortable for pedestrians and display on three sides. All displays must fit into the designated 10’ x 10’ area. Artists wishing to demonstrate how they create their work have room beside and in front of their booths and are encouraged to do so. Artists will be able to bring their cars to the display area for set-up and tear-down but must then remove them to a nearby DESIGNATED parking area.

Contact Info:
Liberty Arts Squared 2013
Liberty Arts Squared PO Box 302 Liberty, MO 64069

Enhancing Art; Enriching Lives!


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