A Letter from the President of the Liberty Arts Foundation

Dear Liberty Citizen:

Among the many attributes that make our city a great place to live are citizens
passionately committed to making a meaningful difference to the essential
character of Liberty. This spring, the Liberty Arts Foundation was instituted to
support, encourage and assist the arts community of Liberty and to educate
and enrich the lives of Liberty citizens through the arts. The Foundation is an
outgrowth of the Liberty Arts Commission but is a separate, private, charitable
organization designed to support all art related endeavors that benefit Liberty
citizens. As funding becomes available through private donations and grants, the
Foundation will, for example, support projects of the Arts Commission, the
Liberty Symphony, Corbin Theater, the Community Chorus and others such
organizations and individuals.
As an initial project, the Foundation will seek funding from private citizens,
charitable foundations and the like for the purpose of funding a public art
project. Think of how we can enrich the lives of Liberty citizens with a sculpture
or sculptures placed in one or more locations throughout Liberty. For example, if
funding could be found, think of a piece of artwork located at the entrance to
Liberty on Kansas Street, greeting citizens and visitors as they enter Liberty from
Kansas City or the interstate. This is just an example. We have identified other
potential sites and would be happy to share those with those interested parties.
The arts enhance and enrich our lives, the lives of our children, our souls and our
community; they magnify our emotional commitment to Liberty; they increase
the value of our property. They are worthy of our support.
We hope that you will join the Board in support of the Arts Foundation with your
gifts and donations, either to the Foundation’s initial project or in support of the
arts community in Liberty in general. Your gift will be not only an investment in
the spirit of the arts, but in all lives it touches.
We thank you and appreciate your generous consideration and anticipated
support of the Liberty Arts Foundation.
Very Truly Yours,

Robert Steinkamp, President

Foundation Contribution Form (pdf)