Music….even for Nerds, Geeks & Scientists

I MUST admit……I was literally VEXED by physics in college!

and that is NOT good when one desires to be a mechanical engineer ( thank heavens for welding).

BUT….had I been introduced to THIS musical version…I MAY have grasped it a tad faster.

Sit back, Relax & Listen to “Bohemian Gravity”  by  McGill University Masters candidate Timothy Blaise!

Awesome stuff indeed!!

(want to bet this ends up on Big Bang Theory QUCKLY!!!!

The value of art in society

Below is a link to a very moving article written by Karl Paulnack (Dean of Ithaca Univ.-School of Music and Director of Music -Boston Conservatory, as well as advocate of the arts and experienced administrator).

He points out that music (and art) has always played an important time, especially in time of great social stress.

Please….take a moment and see what we mean.

KARL Paulnack-Opening AddressKarl Paulnack Named School of Music Dean