About the Foundation

Company Overview
The Liberty Arts Foundation was instituted in 2011 to support, encourage and assist the arts community of Liberty, Missouri, and to educate and enrich the lives of Liberty’s citizens through the arts.
We believe the arts enhance and enrich our lives, the lives of our children, our souls and our community. They magnify our emotional commitment to our city; they increase the value of our property; they are worth our support.
The Liberty Arts Foundations is an established 501C-3 Not For Profit OrganizationWe hope that others will choose to support the Liberty Arts Foundation with gifts and donations, either to a specific Foundation project or in support of the general arts community in Liberty, MO. Such gifts are not only an investment in the spirit of the arts, but in all lives they touch.
General Information
The Liberty Arts Foundation is an outgrowth of the Liberty Arts Commission but is a separate, private, charitable organization designed to support all art related endeavors that benefit Liberty, Missouri, citizens.Members of the Liberty Arts Foundation Board of Directors are:
Bob Steinkamp, President
Heather Jones
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The LIBERTY ARTS FOUNDATION is dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of the arts and cultural activities in the Liberty, Missouri, community. We are committed to being a vital partner in the enrichment and education of our citizens regarding all aspects of the arts and the importance they hold for the betterment of the community.
PO Box 283  LIBERTY, MO 64069

LIBERTY ARTS FOUNDATION is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting the arts and culture in the Liberty community.

Donations to the Foundation are tax exempt.

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