“China” Slaughter Reading Park Sculpture -Updates (March 2017)

After hearing from a few of our supporters and donors we thought it prudent to revise the sculpture to reflect more racial diversity of the children. We made some revisions to China’s uniform, height and revised the boy to reflect African American and carrying a book instead of a baseball glove.

The artist (Martha Aldridge) is progressing VERY nicely and we are sharing some of the sneak peek images with you too.

head and face
head& face2
girl face
Boy& China

Project updates (February 2017)

Since the commissioning of the sculpture our fine artist Martha Aldridge has made excellent progress and we estimate a first quarter of 2018 installation ( weather permitting).

Funds are coming in slowly and now we realize we are are tasked with designing a foundation, support
 csrp_donationconcrete  pier and erection costs as well as the sculpture. PLEASE….every dollar helps!



Sculpture Awareness Campaign & Updates

Since the commissioning of the sculpture ow Lawrence ( China) Slaughter we have heard a range of suggestions by local citizens and friends and have requested some updates to the sculpture.

The children will be rendered in both  African American and Caucasian. Many people remembered China wore a policeman’s cap, but we felt it covered too much of his face for proper clarity. His uniform has been updated for gloves and police insignia.

sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions

CSRP Sculpture Artist Selected as of 10/18/16

The Liberty Arts Foundation met and voted to award the commissioning of  the life sized statue of Lawrence (China) Slaughter standing between two elementary school students to a local Missouri sculpture artist to be named early next month.


Donations are still gratefully accepted by visiting our

online donation gateway.

Liberty Arts Foundation supports Make Music Day Liberty (2016)

The Liberty Arts Foundation donated to the Make Music Liberty event with funds to establish a membership of the Liberty Arts Commission with the Make Music Alliance


Make Music Day is a world wide event held on the 21st of June every year (the Summer Solstice) since it’s inception in France in 1988.  Each Make Music city is independently organized. Often it’s a local community group, media outlet, arts presenter, government agency, or civic leader who champions the musical holiday in their hometown. Citizens, bands, impromptu  musical factions gets together to share the international language of MUSIC. Events are held in MANY top cities and all over as co-ordinated by the local sponsor cities or organizations ( like NAMM).


if intersted in being a PERFORMER, a SPONSOR or…hosting a VENUE….check it out:



Regional bronze artists sought and interviewed for proposed park sculpture

Regional (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas) bronze artist interviews are being sought (for the proposed statue/bust of Lawrence “China” Slaughter) and/or scheduled over the next few months. Artists considered: (1) Robin Richerson (2) Edward Spencer Schubert (3) Tom Corbin & (4) Kwan Wu.

Additional artists suggested have been (1) Libby Ritter  and (2) Sabra Tull Meyer.

The figure is located at the proposed CSRP (China Slaughter Reading Park) at the northwest corner of Mill street & Gallatin  Street adjacent to the Franklin Elementary  School building near downtown Liberty, MO.

Our scope is primarily to provide a full sized adult sculpture or if funding dictates a 3/4 sized adult figure.  We are also considering additional child sized figures as funds become available after the initial commission.