Benefactors & Donors

The Liberty Arts Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support and donations. Their gifts will touch many lives for generations to come.
  • Josephine & Robert Capps
  • Mischelle & Evan Tripp
  • Pony Express Bank
  • Anna Marie & Richard Martin
  • Don & Carol Fletcher
  • Kent Froman
  • Robert Steinkamp
  • Heather Jones
  • William Taylor
  • Kristi Soligo-Fleshman
  • Shane Immelt
  • Becky Poitras
  • Greg Duncan
  • Kenneth & Cecelia Robinson
  • Karen L. Orrill
  • Chery Holtman
  • Donald & Helen Brown
  • David & Jeanne S. Johnson
  • Jeffery & Elizabeth Rae Moore
  • Stewart & Norma King
  • Carol Veltman Kariotis & Konstantnios Kariotis
  • Conrad’s Restaurant
  • Heather Jones
  • Dianna R. Bordenaro
  • Clayton & Deborah Hampy
  • Diane E. Davidson
  • Deborah Overstreet Reames
  • David & Sue Janicke
  • A.B & K.R. Crawford
  • Carol Veltman Kariotis & Konstantnios Kariotis
  • Chery Holtman
  • Robert & Cheryl Steinkamp
  • Jonna K. Wensel
  • David & Jeanne Johnson
  • Patricia Hughes
  • Greg & Amy Duncan
  • Karen L. Orrill
  • Corrine Brashears -Unrein
  • Lynn Bartlett Clark
  • E.L. & Mary A Dobberstine
  • Jack  & Carole Isley
  • Max & Jeanne Mason
  • Jack & Bobbie Mathes
  • Harvey & Irene Thomas
  • Evan & Mischelle Tripp
  • Sue & Richard Wright
  • Phillip & Mary Young
  • Bob & Bridget Bagby
  • Eliise Cooper
  • Tom Page
  • Jack  Carlida Wymore
  • Joe Roberts
  • Don & Luida Duncan
  • Richard & Anna Marie Martin
  • Scott & Robin Page
  • Alan & Lori Rohlfing
  • Christian & Rebecca Poitras
  • Kimberly Thurston
  • Kristi Soligo Fleshman
  • Heather Jones
  • Katherine Eck
  • John &Jane Hooper
  • Daniel Triplett, MD
  • Liberty Arts Foundation
  • Margaret Kirkland
  • Frist Baptist Church
  • Kimberly Thurston
  • Donald & Ann Grundy
  • Anonymous
  • Karen L. Orrill
  • Clay County African American egacy
  • James & Amanda Greer
  • Hy-Vee Corp.
  • Liberty Arts Squared
  • Vicki Vance
  • Kim Thurston
  • Anonymous
  • Cindy Buehler
  • Marta Hedgecorth
  • Jack & Carole Isley
  • Nicki Maybob
  • Michelle
  • Lora Ackerman
  • Jo Micek
  • Jason Reading
  • Steve Smithmier
  • P.E.O for Sylvia Willoughby
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Fran & Jerry Bussey Charitable Fund
  • Planet Sub
  • Antonia Holland
  • Laura McKnight MacKenzie
  • Tom Page
  • Randal Garten
  • Daniel & Wanda O’Dell Family Foundation
  • Bob & Bridgett Bagby
  • PEO Chapter DT
  • Bitgby, Bob and Bridget
    Bain, Betty
    Bates, Jack
    Bordenaro, Dianna R.
    Brock, Ray and Linnea
    Bussey, Frru.1 and Jerry
    Tom and Marcia Capps
    Connie Boggess Carder
    Carr, Richard
    Clark, Lynn
    Class of 1954
    Clay County African Alnerican Legacy, lnc. Cle1nents, Conn and Alny
    Crawford, A.B. and K.R.
    Culver, Kathleen
    Davis, Cecelia
    Deniz, Linda
    Davidson, Diane
    Dobberstine, E.L. and Mary A.
    Duncan, Greg and Amy
    Eck, l(atharine
    Estabrook, Barbara
    Evans, Joe and Judy
    Fasone, Candy
    Ferguson, Bill and Tuila
    First Baptist Church of Liberty
    Fl.etcher, Don and Carol
    Froman, Kent and Kathy
    Gaudin, R.ich and Jane
    Greene, Ann
    Greer, James and Brenda
    Grundy, Don and Ann
    Gukhool, Pre1n and Vicki
    Hampy, Clayton and Deborah
    Hester, Juarenne
    Hilton, Robert
    Holland, Antonio
    Horrell, Robert and Carol
    Huff, Bob
    Isley, Jack and Cm·ole
    Jackson, Elaine Cottinghrun
    Janicke, David and Sue
    Johnson, David and Jeanne
  • Jones, Aldyn
    Jones, Heather
    Justice, Diane Cottingham
    l(ariotis, l(onstantinos and Carol
    Kh·ldm1d Margaret
    l(irkland, Bob and Pam
    Liberty All Cl.ass 2014 Reunion Cormnittee Lindsey, David and Marilyn
    Linscomb, lrven and NeVada
    Long, Bryan
    Mackenzie, Jeffrey and Laura McKnight
    Mann, f-Ielen Berndt
    Mathes, Jack and Bobbie
    McClelland, Dave
    Thomas and Deanna McDowell
    Moore, Gary
    O’Dell, Daniel and Wanda
    Ortiz, Joann Booth
    P.E.O. Chapter DT
    P.E.0. Chapter lZ (in memory of Sylvia Willoughby) Page, Scott and Robin
    Page, To1n
    Poitras, Christian and Rebecca
    Power, Jirn
    Ray, Jay and Kathie
    Reatnes, Deborah Overstreet
    Joyce Ballew Rich
    Roberts, Joe
    Robinson, Kenneth and Cecelia
    Rohlfing, Alan and Lori
    Savage, Bill and Connie
    Schluter, Mary Ellen
    Spoor, Beth
    Steinkamp, Bob and Cheryl
    Stilfield, Bill
    Tho1nas, I-Iarvey and Irene
    Thurston, Kimberly L.
    Todd, Chris and Ellen
    Triplett, Dr. Daniel and Patsy
    Welles, Alan
    Williatns, Roni Atkins
    Wymore, Jack and Cariida
    Yonng, Phillip m1d Mary

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