Sculpture Awareness Campaign & Updates

Since the commissioning of the sculpture ow Lawrence ( China) Slaughter we have heard a range of suggestions by local citizens and friends and have requested some updates to the sculpture.

The children will be rendered in both  African American and Caucasian. Many people remembered China wore a policeman’s cap, but we felt it covered too much of his face for proper clarity. His uniform has been updated for gloves and police insignia.

sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions
sculpture revisions

The value of art in society

Below is a link to a very moving article written by Karl Paulnack (Dean of Ithaca Univ.-School of Music and Director of Music -Boston Conservatory, as well as advocate of the arts and experienced administrator).

He points out that music (and art) has always played an important time, especially in time of great social stress.

Please….take a moment and see what we mean.

KARL Paulnack-Opening AddressKarl Paulnack Named School of Music Dean

A visit to a scary place (inside an art critics mind…

Excerpt from ArtBusiness News Magazine:     (Article by Melissa Hart**)

Inside the mind of an art critic

 (go here for direct link to full article)

As a yet to be discovered” artist…i’ve wondered MANY times at exhibits & shows WHAT evil really lurks in the hearts (and minds) or an “Art Critic”….well…this article certainly helps me get a peek at the rationale and thought patterns of a few.

Thank you “ArtBusiness News” for going there for us……..



Melissa Hart teaches at the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon. Her writing has appeared in numerous periodicals including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Hemispheres and High Country News.

A Time to Give

The Liberty Arts Foundation is supporter of MANY facets of the arts!

Visual: (Liberty Arts Commission/Liberty Fall Festival-Art Car, Liberty Arts Squared, paintings, pastels, photographs, sculptures, pottery, fibre…and literature… name a few)


Musical:(vocal…Like the Liberty Community Chorus or instrumental…Like the Liberty Symphony Orchestra or the Harrimen-Jewell Series)

Performing:   (Corbin Theatre, The Liberty Performing Arts Theatre……)

These are but a FEW of the arts we support, endorse, strongly suggest you embrace & enjoy…and Most of all…SUPPORT! In this time…..we all need funds to endure & grow, to help the arts grow.


Studies measure the financial impact of arts in KC –

Studies measure the financial impact of arts in KC –

In a nutshell:

Organizations generated $273 million, supported 8,346 jobs in the five-county area in 2010.

Thank you to


The Kansas City Star