Liberty Arts Foundation supports Make Music Day Liberty (2016)

The Liberty Arts Foundation donated to the Make Music Liberty event with funds to establish a membership of the Liberty Arts Commission with the Make Music Alliance


Make Music Day is a world wide event held on the 21st of June every year (the Summer Solstice) since it’s inception in France in 1988.  Each Make Music city is independently organized. Often it’s a local community group, media outlet, arts presenter, government agency, or civic leader who champions the musical holiday in their hometown. Citizens, bands, impromptu  musical factions gets together to share the international language of MUSIC. Events are held in MANY top cities and all over as co-ordinated by the local sponsor cities or organizations ( like NAMM).


if intersted in being a PERFORMER, a SPONSOR or…hosting a VENUE….check it out:


Oh if ONLY Liberty (or the Northland) had…….

a benefactor as charitable as Leonard Lauderleonard-lauder-Vogue-10Apr13-rex_b
(yes….THE Lauder of Estee’ Lauder cosmetics infamy). Mr Lauder has announced he is donating his collection of Cubism art…..estimated at approximately one billion dollars (that…$1,000,000,000)  to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art . 78 works by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and Fernand Léger, are believed to be one of the foremost collections of Cubism in the world. It took Lauder almost 40 years to  complete this collection.





Along with the art works the museum will set up a new research center for modern art, supported by a $22 million endowment funded by grants from museum trustees and supporters, including Lauder.

Lauder,  explained why he picked the Met:

“I feel that it’s essential that Cubism — and the art that follows it, for that matter— be seen and studied within the collections of one of the greatest encyclopedic museums in the world,” he said in a statement. (quoted to USA Today reporter Maria Puente)


This is a fabulous act of charity for the art world….and the public.

Maybe someday it will come to the Northland…..or…Liberty too.

Circle of Friends! (February KCXL interview)

Last month (February7th, 2013)-Liberty Arts Foundation president Bob Steinkamp & China Slaughter Reading Park-Chairperson Anna Driskill sat down with KCXL radio host Bill Kersten to discuss a a myriad of topics:

Links to sound track recordings:

Please take a moment to open the links & give a listen while sipping your morning coffee or tea…….you may be greatly surprised just how much REALLY is going on in Liberty!

Circle of Friends interview-first portion(Approx. 28 min)

Circle of Friends-second half session (approx 27 min)

A Time to Give

The Liberty Arts Foundation is supporter of MANY facets of the arts!

Visual: (Liberty Arts Commission/Liberty Fall Festival-Art Car, Liberty Arts Squared, paintings, pastels, photographs, sculptures, pottery, fibre…and literature… name a few)


Musical:(vocal…Like the Liberty Community Chorus or instrumental…Like the Liberty Symphony Orchestra or the Harrimen-Jewell Series)

Performing:   (Corbin Theatre, The Liberty Performing Arts Theatre……)

These are but a FEW of the arts we support, endorse, strongly suggest you embrace & enjoy…and Most of all…SUPPORT! In this time…..we all need funds to endure & grow, to help the arts grow.


November LAF focus

The last meeting of the Liberty Arts Foundation Board (11/06/12) brought a new urgency & clarity shift or two current projects.

  1. China Slaughter Park Monument/sculpture funding
  2. Liberty Arts Commission-“Liberty Triangle-Round-about artwork funding.

While both projects have been in motion for several weeks a new “Challenge” has been brought forward to force us to strive to obtain funds before year end. Please watch our blog for new updates as they become available.